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Now everyone wants to know what is going on around the world, around us and in your country. So everyone look for their own countries newspapers. We all know that now these days there are many newspapers and magazines are publishing daily, weekly and monthly all over the world.

All Bangla Newspaper and Magazines contain different interesting news and politicians’ issues that we want to read all of them. But it is not possible to buy all of the Bangla newspapers and magazine because it will be costly for us. So, we decided to make your life easier by publishing all bd newspapers site in one place where you can open and view as many bangla newspapers, English newspapers and Bangla Magazine you want.

All important Bangladeshi Newspapers are updated here. Most popular and important Bangla and English Newspapers are published daily, weekly and monthly. You can read exclusive News from Bangladesh.

You can read Indian Bangla Newspaper in our site and view different interesting magazine across the countries which you might not know the name and also you can see also the ads that might interests you. You can also view some latest news and the blog where you can post your comment. Not only that if you want you can add newspaper in our site. You can also visit us in Facebook.

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